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Hormone and Saliva Testing

Our Nurse Practitioner, Chantal Manhart, specializes in Hormone Saliva testing. She conducts testing at Prairie Point in Sycamore, IL.

Saliva testing is an easy and noninvasive way of assessing your hormone balancing needs, and is proving to be the most reliable medium for measuring hormone levels. Unlike serum tests, saliva testing represents only hormones actively delivered to receptors in the body. Clinically, it is far more relevant to test these bioavailable hormones and provide an accurate reflection of the body’s active hormone levels.

Our relationship with Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy, a family-owned business founded by fourth-generation pharmacist, Jon Lehan, ensures that you receive excellent care and a superior product. Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy provides Bio-identical hormones, which are chemically identical to those found in the body.

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